Irish blasphemy result a resounding success for free speech

27 October, 2018

Ireland’s vote to remove blasphemy from its constitution is a resounding success for free speech, signalling growing momentum towards a more secular future for the country, according to Humanists UK. It also underlines the fact that Scotland and Northern Ireland should now urgently repeal their own laws.

At the referendum yesterday, Irish citizens voted resoundingly to remove the clause with exit polls suggesting around 70% voting for repeal.

Humanists UK encouraged Irish citizens to go home to vote in the run-up to the referendum, with Stephen Fry tweeting about its campaign.

Welcoming the referendum decision, Humanists UK chief executive Andrew Copson said:

‘Irish people have voted to decriminalise blasphemy because they value their right to freedom of expression and they don’t believe that making comments about religion or a god should ever be a crime.

‘It is welcome news for the international campaign against blasphemy laws, as even though the Irish law was obsolete, countries like Pakistan have cited it to justify persecuting religious minorities and the non-religious and enforcing extreme punishment such as prison or death for people accused of blasphemy.

‘Yesterday’s vote should surely also send a strong message to Scotland and Northern Ireland of the need to urgently join the growing international movement of countries turning against these laws.’

Ireland is the latest country to repeal its blasphemy laws, joining France, Malta, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark.


Humanists UK co-founded the End Blasphemy Laws campaign in 2015, coordinated by the International Humanist and Ethical Union and European Humanist Federation and previously led the campaign for the successful repeal of blasphemy laws in England and Wales in 2008.

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