Defence Humanists find meaning in Remembrance

11 November, 2016

AC Grayling

Defence Humanists, the Humanists UK Section for serving and retired members of the armed forces and MOD, will be remembering those who gave their lives in a non-religious service, this weekend.

The event is an opportunity for those serving, past or present, their families, friends and supporters, to come together to remember the sacrifice made by those who lost their lives in conflict or peacekeeping.

Patron of Defence Humanists, Professor AC Grayling, will be giving the keynote reflection, ‘Finding Meaning in Remembrance’. The event aims to help people in a ceremony that commemorates people’s lives and beliefs in a manner that was true to them, and true to those left behind.

The event will take place in the newly renovated deconsecrated Fitzrovia Chapel, once attached to the former Middlesex Hospital in the heart of central London. The service will be led by serving Defence Humanists and music will be provided by the London Humanist Choir.

The event is organised by Defence Humanists Network and sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.