Government bans state funding of creationist and extremist nurseries

8 August, 2014

Nicky Morgan is today announcing that creationist and extremist nurseries will be banned from receiving state funding through the Government’s scheme of providing 15 hours per week of free tuition.

The decision follows on from the British Humanist Association (BHA) uncovering that some 84 nurseries have been receiving funding in spite of the BHA having concerns about evolution – and a further seven where there have been concerns about extremism. The BHA responded to a recent Government consultation asking for funding to be withdrawn, encouraged 450 BHA members and supporters to do likewise and prompted over 1,000 people to write to their MPs about the issue.

BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson commented, ‘We welcome Nicky Morgan’s decision to preclude creationist and extremist schools from receiving state funding through their nurseries. It is vital that every young person receives a broad and balanced education including teaching evolution as the only evidence-based view of how life came to be.’


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