BHA responds to outcome of PSHE Review

21 March, 2013

Update, 22 March: The BHA have now seen the PSHE Association’s statement on the outcome of the review, which says that the funding going to them will, in actuality, be ‘significantly reduced’ from what was previously being received. The BHA did not previously understand this to be the case, and is disappointed that this funding is being cut.

Original article:

The Government has today published the outcomes of its Review of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education. The conclusion of the review is that almost nothing will change, with no new guidance or programmes of study on PSHE or Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) to be published. The British Humanist Association (BHA) has expressed disappointment at the decision, after the apparent cross-party consensus in 2010 to make PSHE a statutory part of the national curriculum.

One positive announcement made today is that the DfE ‘will provide grant funding to the PSHE Association to work with schools to advise them in developing their own PSHE curricula and improve the quality of teaching. The Association will focus on signposting schools to high quality resources and in expanding their Chartered Teacher of PSHE programme. We have also asked the Association to promote the teaching of consent as part of SRE, in line with the statutory guidance for that subject.’ The DfE also plan to establish ‘a new evidence-based information service’ on drug and alcohol education.

The BHA responded to the PSHE Review in November 2011. Today BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson commented, ‘We welcome the announcement that the PSHE Association will be funded to work with schools to improve their PSHE and we believe this will have a significant positive impact on the education many young people receive.

‘Overall we are disappointed with today’s announcement. In 2010 there was cross-party consensus in support of proposals to make PSHE a statutory entitlement for all young people as part of the national curriculum, which were only dropped because they were not passed before the general election. Three years and one lengthy review later, it is disappointing that nothing is to change after all.

‘Young people need full and comprehensive information around sex, relationships and other matters in PSHE, as all the evidence shows that this improves outcomes in relation to STIs and reducing unwanted pregnancies, and ensures that they have healthier, happier, consensual relationships.’


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