Celebrating same-sex weddings

Same-sex weddings are no different to opposite-sex weddings in that both are about the love two people have for one another and involve making a public commitment in front of friends and family. We know that love is love — and we celebrate it!

All Humanist Ceremonies weddings celebrants conduct same-sex weddings, so you don’t need to ask — it’s a given.

In Northern Ireland and Jersey, Humanist Ceremonies celebrants can conduct legally recognised humanist same-sex weddings. (We’re working on getting humanist weddings to be legally recognised in England and Wales. We’ll keep you posted!)

Today, we’re celebrating LGBT weddings with a look back over some of our favourite photos.

Kayleigh and Lisa

This fabulous photo of Kayleigh and Lisa proudly featured in our billboard campaign promoting the legalisation of same-sex in Northern Ireland. You can almost feel the happiness radiating from them!

And in this one too!

Same-sex humanist wedding

Kayleigh and Lisa by Sawyer and Sawyer Photography

Danny and Andy

This handsome couple also featured in our billboard campaign in Northern Ireland…

…but it was this photo of them after the ceremony that stole our hearts last year.

Humanist same-sex wedding

Danny and Andy by David Ashton

Laura and Erica

What a perfect day for Laura and Erica as they exchanged their vows in front of friends and family with a humanist wedding ceremony led by celebrant Jean Barrett-Quinn.

Same-sex humanist wedding

Laura and Erica by Simon Hutchinson

Nick and Chris

We were spoilt for choice between these two photos of Nick and Chris and their humanist wedding at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama conducted by humanist wedding celebrant Josie Lamb.

Same-sex humanist wedding

Nick and Chris by Russell How

Same-sex humanist wedding

Nick and Chris by Russell How

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