Humanist wedding vow renewal ceremonies

Say ‘I do’ all over again

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All our wedding celebrants also conduct wedding vow renewal ceremonies.

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A humanist celebrant

will conduct a non-religious ceremony that is personalised, meaningful, and written just for you!

Would you like to renew your wedding vows as a show of love and commitment?

Renewing your marriage vows means you can declare your feelings and make a commitment to one another in front of those you hold dear. The ceremony can tell your unique story: what you have achieved and experienced together.

You can include symbolic acts such as a handfasting, sand-blending, or lighting a unity candle. The whole family can be involved!

The day can be as similar or as different to your original wedding day as you would like.

A Humanist Ceremonies celebrant can help you create a non-religious ceremony that is personal and meaningful to you.
Don’t wait a minute longer to plan your day, your way.

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If you missed out on your dream wedding

now’s the time to have the ceremony you always wanted!

Your vow renewal ceremony

is a celebration of all you have achieved and experienced together.

Do you have a special wedding anniversary coming up?

Whether it’s tin, crystal, china, silver, ruby, or gold, why not mark your milestone anniversary with a wedding vow renewal ceremony? It’s the perfect way to celebrate your love and commitment to one another.

Over our lifetimes, we change in so many ways. That’s why we believe an enduring love is worth celebrating. A ‘rewedding’ ceremony is the best way of saying ‘I do’ all over again – acknowledging all that’s changed, and all that’s stayed the same, in the life you’ve made together.

Humanist ceremonies are non-religious, inclusive, and – because they are tailored to you and your story – each one is utterly unique.

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You don’t have to ask here

because all Humanist Ceremonies wedding celebrants conduct same-sex weddings and vow renewal ceremonies.

A vow renewal

is the perfect way to make a public declaration of your love and continuing commitment.

Humanist Ceremonies is the growing network of over 450 celebrants qualified and accredited by Humanists UK. We work across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands. (In Scotland, celebrants are trained by the Humanist Society Scotland.)

Our celebrants create, write and conduct a range of ceremonies to mark the big moments in life, mostly (but not exclusively) baby naming ceremonies, weddings and funerals.

What we do isn’t new: we’re proud of our history and know that Humanists UK members were conducting humanist funerals as long ago as the 1890s. Humanist ceremonies are not unusual either – we take many thousands each year but perhaps this isn’t surprising since half of Britain’s population say they are not religious, and indeed only a third of marriages in England are held in a church, for example.

Providing high-quality, personal, non-religious ceremonies is something we take very seriously. Our celebrants are thoroughly trained and quality-assured. They are passionate about their work and providing people with an appropriate way to mark the most important moments in their lives.

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A humanist wedding

For many of us, the ritual and words of a religious ceremony do not fit with a non-religious outlook on life, and a civil or register office ceremony often feels impersonal and unsatisfying.

Humanist weddings give you the flexibility to create an occasion that celebrates your marriage your way. You can get to know the person who will be conducting your wedding, choose your own words and marry where and when you like.

Every one of our humanist weddings is unique. No two people are the same and so no two ceremonies are the same either.

Planning your own funeral

Many people want to make advance plans for their own funeral or memorial ceremony. And why not? If you’ve left clear instructions, you can be confident that you will get the funeral you have chosen, and also take a great deal of pressure off friends and family when the time comes.

An increasing number of people coming towards the end of their life want to work with a celebrant to plan their own funeral. Many of our celebrants can assist with this and will talk through the options that are available.

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A humanist celebrant provides an alternative to religious ceremonies for people wishing to celebrate or commemorate key life events — such as weddings, namings, and funerals — in a non-religious way.

A humanist celebrant gets to know the life story of the person — or the love story of the couple — the ceremony is for. They write and conduct unique, meaningful, non-religious ceremonies for the most important times in our lives.