What is a humanist naming ceremony?

What do non-religious people do if they want to celebrate the arrival of a new child? Obviously a christening or baptism wouldn’t feel appropriate. Thankfully, another option has been around for many decades and it’s something that has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, particularly as society becomes less religious: a humanist naming […]

What is a guide parent and what is their role?

Humanist naming ceremony

A naming ceremony is an opportunity for you to welcome your child into your family and wider circle of friends. It’s also the perfect time for you to ask people close to you to become guide parents who will have an enduring supportive role in your child’s life. Find out more about the role of a guide parent during – and after – a humanist naming ceremony.

What’s the difference between a christening and a naming ceremony?

Humanist naming ceremony

A humanist naming ceremony is an inclusive, non-religious celebration for welcoming a child into your family in a way that is personal and meaningful to you.

Poems for a humanist naming ceremony

A humanist naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration for welcoming a child into the family and giving them their name. Families often choose to include the reading of a favourite poem at a naming ceremony. 

Here are some of our celebrants’ favourite poems for naming ceremonies. 

Naming ceremonies | Non-religious rituals and symbolic actions

Many families include rituals and symbolic actions in a ceremony to give meaning, structure, and inclusivity. For example, inviting all guests to write a promise to your child can be a great way of involving everyone in the ceremony, whilst also getting them to think about the relationship they want to have with your child as they grow. It is both inclusive and meaningful.

Ten ideas for your child’s naming ceremony

Whilst it’s possible to host your own naming ceremony, when you work with a Humanist Ceremonies celebrant, you’re working with someone with training, skills, and experience in creating inclusive, family-friendly ceremonies. Having a professional celebrant leading the ceremony means you can spend time with your guests and relax and enjoy the day.  Our celebrants are full […]

What happens at a humanist naming ceremony?

Award-winning humanist celebrant Jane Blackman explains what happens at a humanist naming ceremony. Why hold a naming ceremony? The arrival of a new baby, adopted child, or stepchild into your family is not only a joyful and positive event, it’s also a life-changing moment and a gathering and celebration to mark it feels wholly fitting. […]

Name change | Naming ceremony for a teenager

Fifteen-year-old Emily made the decision to change her name to Billie. When she learnt about Humanism as part of looking at different worldviews, she became interested in the idea of having a humanist naming ceremony. She believed that a ceremony would help those closest to her accept and understand her name change. Celebrant Jane Richardson […]

A socially distanced naming ceremony

A humanist naming ceremony is the ideal alternative to a Christening for families who wish to mark the occasion in a way that isn’t religious. A naming ceremony focuses on the child and the friends and family that surround them. Each ceremony is individual and unique, and may include symbolic acts and poetry readings.

An online naming ceremony celebrated with bubbles

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK lockdown and social distancing rules have meant that celebrants and families have needed to find creative ways to hold humanist ceremonies.

Humanist naming celebrant, Felicity Harvest tells us about the planning and delivery of an online, socially distanced naming ceremony she conducted recently, which was a  meaningful, moving, and memorable occasion for family and friends.