Humanists UK may be able to offer individuals from under-represented groups, who may otherwise not be able to train with us, a bursary as a contribution towards their training costs.

Applicants may submit a bursary application form at the same time as submitting a training application form, but will only be considered for a bursary when they have successfully passed a screening interview, or been otherwise told that they have passed the trainee recruitment stage.

Please read the bursary eligibility criteria below. If you believe you are eligible for a bursary, you may submit a bursary application form at the same time as you submit your training application form.

If you are not eligible to be considered for a bursary at the time of applying for and being accepted for training, but your circumstances later change, you can apply for a bursary while waiting for your course to begin, or while waiting to be allocated to a course.

We will inform applicants of the outcome of their bursary application as soon as possible.

Bursary eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a bursary award you must:

  • be a resident of the United Kingdom
  • be over 18 years of age
  • have passed a ceremonies training screening interview, and be awaiting allocation to a course, or have been allocated to a course (though you can submit a bursary application form before this point)
  • be able to demonstrate that you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford the training fees without some financial support
  • be able to provide documentary evidence to support the requirement above

Application form for celebrant training bursary

Guidance on applying for the bursary

Course fees and dates