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Tell the Welsh Government: Teach evolution, not creationism!

The new curriculum for Wales lacks specific teaching about evolution before ages 14-15, and contains zero safeguards against teaching creationism as science.

We’re asking the Welsh Government to follow the example set by England by banning the teaching of creationism as science and ensuring that evolution is taught to all pupils from primary school onwards.

Without an explicit ban on teaching creationism and other pseudoscientific theories as evidence-based, such teaching may begin to creep into the school curriculum.

In 2011-14 we successfully brought about a definitive end to the teaching of creationism as an evidence-based theory in state-funded schools in England, and saw evolution added to the primary national curriculum for those aged 10-11.

We need your help to do the same in Wales

Will you add your name to the call from Humanists UK, Sir David Attenborough, Professor Alice Roberts, and many other leading scientists and science organisations, in telling Welsh Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, to ‘Teach evolution, not creationism’?

See who is backing this campaign

  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili
  • Professor Peter Atkins
  • Sir David Attenborough
  • Simon Barrow
  • Dr Susan Blackmore
  • Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
  • Professor Tom Blundell
  • Professor Paul Braterman
  • Andrew Copson
  • Dr Helena Cronin
  • Dr Helen Czerski
  • Professor Richard Dawkins
  • Professor Athene Donald
  • Professor Robin Dunbar
  • Professor Sir Anthony Epstein
  • Dr Dylan Evans
  • Dr Diana Fleischman
  • Professor Chris French
  • Professor Dame Anne Glover
  • Dr Julian Huppert
  • Professor Laurence Hurst
  • Professor Saiful Islam
  • Professor Steve Jones
  • Armand Leroi
  • Dr Sarah Main
  • Professor Pat McKeown
  • Professor Mark Pallen
  • Shaun Reason
  • Rev Professor Michael Reiss
  • Viscount Matt Ridley
  • Professor Alice Roberts
  • Adam Rutherford
  • Angela Saini
  • Alom Shaha
  • Dr Simon Singh
  • Professor Fred Spoor
  • Dr Geertje van Keulen
  • James Williams
  • Professor Lewis Wolpert
  • Iolo ap Gwynn
  • Richard Needham, Chair of the ASE Trustee Body
  • Janice Griffiths, Chair of the ASE
  • Mary Whitehouse, Immediate past Chair of ASE
  • Simon Quinnell, Chair-elect ASE
  • Marianne Cutler, ASE Director of Curriculum Innovation

Join the campaign – sign our petition to tell the Welsh Government:

Good science teaching is vital to the education and development of all children, wherever they live in the UK.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. It is a fundamental concept that describes and explains the development of the diversity of life on the planet. Pupils should be introduced to it early – certainly at primary level – as it underpins so much else.

Without an explicit ban on teaching creationism, intelligent design, and other pseudoscientific theories as evidence-based, such teaching may begin to creep into the school curriculum, when it is vital children in Wales are not exposed to pseudoscientific doctrines masquerading as science.

State schools in England, including primary schools, are already required to teach evolution ‘as a comprehensive, coherent, and extensively evidenced theory’, and ‘must not allow any view or theory to be taught as evidence-based if it is contrary to scientific or historical evidence or explanations’.

Please introduce the same requirements in Wales, including a ban on teaching creationism, intelligent design, and other pseudoscientific theories as evidence-based, and ensure that all primary pupils are taught evolution.

Help us ensure Wales’ new curriculum bans creationism and teaches evolution – sign this petition today.

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