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Young Humanists Ambassador

As a Young Humanists ambassador, you will network with nearby Local Groups, Humanist Students societies and other relevant groups (e.g. sceptics groups), to ensure that the needs of 18-35-year-old non-religious people in your area are met.

Activities might include:

  • Putting on events with a view to getting younger people involved (e.g. pub quizzes, campaign work, family-friendly events like coffee-mornings or Sunday brunches, litter picks or picnics)
  • Advising local humanist groups on how to put on events that will get young people involved
  • Attending relevant nearby events in order to promote Young Humanists

Where possible, we encourage Ambassadors to request a position on their nearest Local Group’s committee (or to set one up if there isn’t a group nearby!)

You will have plenty of expertise to draw on from the Young Humanists Executive Committee and Officers, including lots of advice and support on social media and event management, as well as a network of existing ambassadors who can share their experiences with you. You will also have a go-to member of the Young Humanists Executive Committee for any advice or suggestions.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with please send an email to with your name, location, experience, and your motivation behind getting involved.

More information is available on the Young Humanists volunteer pack.

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