LGBT Humanists Northern Ireland Lead

LGBT Humanists is the LGBT section of Humanists UK, a charity working towards a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail. We are looking for an individual to lead the LGBT section in Northern Ireland, who is enthusiastic, driven and organised, and ready to join the LBGT Humanists Committee and share ideas about how the section can reach LGBT people who are living without religion all around the UK and in particular in Northern Ireland.

Key Tasks and Activities:

  • Sit on the Northern Ireland Humanists committee, providing a formal link to LGBT Humanists by championing issues that are particularly relevant to LGBT people in Northern Ireland.
  • Acting as the public face of LGBT Humanists to stakeholders and the public in Northern Ireland
  • Attending Pride and rallying other Humanists in your area to come and support LGBT Humanists at local Pride events.
  • Liaising with local Pride organisers to ensure we are represented.
  • Be at the helm of our LGBT Humanists literature stands at Pride and conversing with anyone who shows interest in our cause.
  • Maintaining a dialogue with the LGBT Humanists committee.
  • We will also welcome any ideas you may have as ambassadors in becoming more visible in your local area and how we can make sure our engagement with local Pride events are well organised.

This application pack contains all the information you will need to decide whether the role is right for you.

To apply for the role, please email letting us know:

  • Who you are, including a little bit about yourself
  • Why you are interested in the role
  • What you think you’d bring to the role (e,g. your skills and experiences that would be particularly relevant)
  • What you’d like to get out of the role
  • Any concerns, or extra support you’d need in the role

This doesn’t need to be a long essay, just to help us understand who you are, and why you’d be a good fit. If you have a current CV, that would also be helpful, but isn’t essential.

You are welcome to contact the LGBT Humanists Coordinator, Nick, (, or Humanists UK ( to discuss the role before applying.

Please read more about LGBT Humanists here:

A copy of our Recruitment and Promotion and Equal Opportunities policies are available to view online.