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New law to end teacher discrimination in Northern Ireland a step closer

A Bill that would end teacher discrimination in Northern Ireland has passed its first stage in the Assembly, bringing welcome progress to Northern Ireland Humanists’ campaign for a single education system free of religious bias. If the Fair Employment (Teachers) Bill, introduced to the assembly by Chris Lyttle MLA, becomes law it will mean that […]

Blow to future of education as Northern Ireland Assembly votes to weaken Integrated Education Bill

The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted to weaken seriously a pioneering Bill designed to improve access to integrated schools. Northern Ireland Humanists fears that a series of amendments to the Integrated Education Bill voted through this week mean that, in the event it becomes law, it will now do less than needed to bring different […]

CPS consults on compassionate ‘mercy killings’

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has launched a consultation on proposed changes to its ‘Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter’ Guidance. This seeks to make it less likely for those involved with suicide pacts or ‘mercy killings’ to be prosecuted if there are relevant public interest factors such as the person had reached a ‘voluntary, clear, settled […]

New website about humanism for teachers and schools

Humanists UK has today relaunched its hugely successful Understanding Humanism website for schools. The website features over 100 new resources for teachers and students, including information sheets, presentations, activities, films, assessment ideas, and humanist perspectives on a wide range of questions and topics. Teachers will find content for ages 5-18, with the material at each […]

Remembering Bob Hughes (1932–2022) 

Humanists UK is saddened to hear of the death of its former Vice President, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group (APPHG), and Labour Party peer, Lord Bob Hughes of Woodside. Born in Pittenweem near Fife in Scotland, the young Bob Hughes came into politics after an early career as an engineer for the […]

Parents exaggerate religious affiliation to secure local school places

About 6% of parents have exaggerated their religious affiliation in order to secure a local school place, according to research from Zoopla, the property website. Given that less than 1.5% of the population attends Church of England services in an average week, and that less than 4% of those of parent age attend any church […]

Humanists call on Government to legally recognise humanist marriages in England and Wales

Yesterday the Government announced proposals to introduce outdoor civil marriages at approved premises on a permanent basis and to also introduce outdoor religious marriages, but failed to make any similar reforms to legally recognise humanist marriages. Humanists UK has urged the Government to act now to legally recognise humanist marriages without delay. Humanists UK Chief […]

Christmas is a ‘time of year for everyone’ says British public

For most Britons, including Christians, Christmas is a time of year to everyone, a new YouGov poll has found. When asked to reflect on their view around Christmas, 74% of British adults say they believe it to be ‘a time of year for everyone’, including 78% of the non-religious, 76% of Christians, and 58% of […]

Humanists UK and QMUL to co-host academic conference on 19th century humanism and freethought

Humanists UK is delighted to announce that in September 2022, it will be co-convening a dedicated academic conference exploring the rich history of 19th century humanism and freethought. Freethought in the Long Nineteenth Century: New Perspectives, a groundbreaking two-day conference, is being led by Dr Clare Stainthorp of Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), with […]

Humanists UK calls for labelling for non-stunned meat

Humanists UK has called for the introduction of a clear and simple labelling system to identify non-stunned meat products, in response to a consultation by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs. This measure would ensure that consumers are informed and empowered to make choices about their food in accordance with their beliefs and […]

Northern Ireland Assembly votes pro-choice for first time ever as Anti-Abortion Bill defeated

Yesterday, members of the Northern Ireland Assembly voted in favour of abortion rights for the first time ever. They did so in defeating a Bill designed to restrict access to abortion. The Severe Foetal Impairment Abortion (Amendment) Bill, a private members’ bill brought forward by DUP MLA Christopher Stalford, sought to restrict access to abortion […]

Inclusive Assemblies Bill passes first stage in House of Commons

A landmark Bill seeking to overhaul the law on school assemblies has been introduced in the House of Commons. The Education (Assemblies) Bill, which recently completed its passage through the House of Lords, was originally tabled by Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Humanist Group (APPHG) Baroness Burt, a Liberal Democrat. It has now been picked […]

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