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Due to covid-19, and military personnel being deployed overseas, this year’s Ministry Of Defence (MOD) Humanist and Non-religious Remembrance Day Service will be pre-recorded and presented on this page from Thursday, 11 November 2021, at 10:00. Please see the booklet for the service in a folded booklet or standard format.

MODNet users are advised to use the internal Defence Connect link.

The annual ceremony, now in its seventh year, provides a forum for humanist and non-religious military personnel, veterans, family members and everyone who has been affected by war, to commemorate the fallen, in a manner that aligns with their worldview and belief.

The theme of this year’s service is focused around ‘Human Values’ and how – in times of conflict, trauma, and danger – the intrinsic values that are inherent in all of us come to the fore, demonstrating our natural capacity to behave in courageous and benevolent ways. This might include putting others before ourselves, being afraid but still stepping forward, as well as finding the moral strength to reach out to those who have wronged us so we can reconcile, learn from our mistakes, and build a more progressive future together.

The video has been made by serving members of Defence Humanists (a section of Humanists UK), Humanists And Non-religious in Defence (HAND), as well as volunteers from the civil service, patrons of Humanists UK, the London Humanist Choir, Chelsea Pensioners, the Police, and the Dutch Armed Forces.

This year, our speakers include:

Professor A C Grayling – Vice President, Humanists UK
Air Vice Marshall Richard Maddison OBE – Humanists And Non-religious in Defence Champion
Dr Roger Hutton – President, Defence Humanists
Andrew Copson – Chief Executive, Humanists UK
Gianfranco Mansi – MOD Faith & Belief Champion and head of financial and economic analysis (Civil service)
Colonel Erin Kamp – Head of Humanist Chaplaincy (Dutch Armed Forces)
Commander Charlie Jones – Co-chair, HAND & MOD Funeral/Wedding celebrant (Royal Navy)
Major Neil Weddell – Co-chair, HAND & MOD Funeral/Wedding celebrant (British Army)
Flight Lieutenant Stu Walker – HAND, MOD Funeral and Wedding celebrant (RAF)
Corporal Michelle Hordern – HAND, MOD Funeral celebrant (British Army)

And many more

The ceremony has been organised by Major Neil Weddell, Co-chair of Humanists And Non-religious in Defence (HAND). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact him by email.

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