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Introduction to Humanism

These resources are intended to help local humanist groups and others to run courses on Humanism.

Exploring Humanism

Exploring Humanism is a course that has been designed for local humanist groups, but it can also be used for general purposes of exploring the ideas within Humanism. This course will give a good background setting for Humanism and will encourage participants to discuss and explore Humanism on a deeper level. The course is divided into six sessions all of which have interactive activities so as to stimulate discussion. This course poses challenging questions on a variety of issues and looks at Humanism throughout history. The resources needed for running the course are minimal.

The six sessions within the course are:

  • What do Humanists believe?
  • What are the historical roots of Humanism?
  • Where do Humanists get their moral values?
  • How do Humanists handle moral dilemmas?
  • What is the meaning and purpose of life for Humanists?
  • What do Humanists do? (Celebrations and Campaigns) and Review of Course (What does Humanism offer the individual and society today?)

PDF logoDownload Exploring Humanism course materials (PDF)

Download the notes for course leaders (PDF)

Download the preface to the course for distribution (PDF)

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