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Aspects of Humanism

Humanists have no official doctrine.  Humanism is a loose family of views, united by the thought that the business of living is usually and on the whole worthwhile, and that belief in supernatural beings has nothing to offer people who are trying to live well.  The thoughts gathered in these notes and lectures are not intended to supply a Humanist creed.  Rather, they are an attempt to think through some of the issues that arise for Humanists today, and to present them in a way that will stimulate others to work out their own ideas.

This course poses challenging questions on a variety of issues. The resources needed for running the course are minimal.

The sessions within the course are:

Week 1: What do we mean by ‘Humanism’?
Week 2: The scientific, historical and moral cases against theism
Week 3: Ethics
Week 4: Liberalism
Week 5: Human Rights and Tolerance
Week 6: Religion and Faith
Week 7: Nihilism, Naturalism and Nietzsche
Week 8: Meaning, Ritual and Ceremony

Download the source book (PDF)

Download the notes for course leaders (PDF)

Download the students course book (PDF)

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