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Understanding Humanism Primary Teacher Training | Online

February 8th, 2022 16:00   --   17:30

Join us for our Understanding Humanism Teacher Training event aimed specifically at meeting the needs of primary school teachers.

'Some of the most useful training I have ever been on. So many practical ideas.'
Samantha Kennedy, KS2 teacher and RE coordinator

'Absolutely brilliant! Best training I've had. Extremely useful practical examples of use in the class with good age range and superb speaker.'
Anna Crosby, KS1/2 teacher and RE Curriculum Lead for North Lincolnshire

The Commission on RE recommends that all young people should have the entitlement to learn about non-religious worldviews as part of a rigorous and academic education about religion and worldviews. In this course you’ll develop your subject knowledge of humanism as an example of a non-religious worldview and be provided with ideas for how to teach about it.


The training will include:

  • Who are the non-religious and what is a non-religious worldview?
  • What is humanism? What do students need to know?
  • How can I best teach about humanism in the classroom?

Breaking humanism up into five core blocks of knowledge, we’ll help you deliver outstanding, accurate teaching about the humanist worldview, and suggest and model resources and activities that can support students’ learning.


The course is open to primary school teachers of KS1 and 2. It will be of particular value to RE leaders looking to introduce non-religious worldviews to their RE curriculum.


At Understanding Humanism, we believe all young people should have the opportunity to learn about humanism alongside religions as part of a broad and balanced education about worldviews. Learning about humanism supports students to develop a richer understanding of religion and belief, supports their SMSC development, and promotes mutual understanding between people from different backgrounds.

Last year, our free online resources were downloaded in the tens of thousands, our school speakers spoke to over 40,000 students, and we delivered teacher training to hundreds of teachers across the UK.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact our Director of Understanding Humanism, Luke Donnellan, on

Primary School Teacher: £20.00

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