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What Does Christmas Mean to Apostates?

December 16th, 2021 17:30   --   19:30

Terri O'Sullivan, chair of Faith to Faithless, will be joined by friend of Faith to Faithless Joy Cranham to discuss what meaning Christmas has to those that no longer believe. 

Terri graduated from the university of Kent in 2012 with a degree in psychology and then completed her masters in social psychology at Tilburg university where she investigated the relationship between ostracism and social rejection with religious fundamentalism.  She is highly active in the apostate community and she has dedicated much of her life to raise awareness of the pight of apostates.

Joy Cranham is a PhD student who is studying the harmful effects of high-control religious environments. She made a significant contribution to our recent Apostasy Conference and she is returning to Faith to Faithless to tell us of the challenges and joys of Christmas without Christ.

They will share their chilhood experiences of Christmas, and discuss what it meant to them formerly as followers of faith, and what it means to them today as apostates.  This in-consversation is open to anyone with an interest in apostasy or Humanism, and we'll have opportunity for Q&As after the talk so feel free to come along and join in, or leave your cam off and listen in.

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