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‘My Fundamentalist Family and Me’ – Online Apostate Book Club

August 7th, 2021 7:00 PM   --   8:30 PM

We know how difficult and confusing it can be when leaving a faith. This book club is for people at all stages of their journey of questioning, where they can discuss their thoughts and gather new resources that have helped others going through similar issues. This is a free event, with the book club meeting once a quarter.

On this occasion we'll be discussing a not yet published book, written by an apostate.

My Fundamentalist Family and Me is a memoir by British writer David C. Monkcom. It is the story of his fundamentalist Christian upbringing, how it affected him, and how he (very gradually) got over it and ultimately became a humanist.

He originally wrote it as self-therapy – offloading a lifetime of mental and emotional baggage – but also to interest his daughters and a few close friends. They have encouraged David to share his story more widely: he hopes it will help others struggling with similar baggage of their own.

Although the events he describes took place decades ago, the issue of fundamentalism is still with us, underlying many of our contemporary social challenges, including terrorism – David narrowly escaped the Brussels Metro bombing in 2016. Meeting those challenges requires – in David’s view – an honest and open dialogue between religious believers and unbelievers. He would like this memoir to be his personal contribution.

David is 70 years old, retired, and living in Belgium. A graduate of Oxford University, his career took him from teaching foreign languages in the UK to translating and speechwriting in Brussels. He has also written a good deal of public information material about EU affairs, on behalf of the European Commission.

To take part send an email to, and she will send you the PDF version of the book and the link to join the online discussion.

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