Postponing your wedding due to coronavirus? Five reasons to re-book it as a weekday wedding

Humanist wedding celebrant Maria Thorne has some tips for you if you’re having to postpone your humanist wedding and are trying to book a venue for a later date.

If your humanist wedding was booked for a Saturday this year and you now need to postpone your ceremony, you might find that your venue is already booked for future Saturdays. Here’s why you should consider having a weekday wedding instead…

Five reasons to have a weekday wedding:

  1. By being more flexible on the day of the week, you are much more likely to find a venue that will be available.
  2. If you’re booking a weekday wedding, you could consider having a romantic evening ceremony – think candles and fairy lights!  Also, people who have to go to work will still be able to attend if the ceremony is in the evening. Many Humanist Ceremonies celebrants are more than happy to take ceremonies into the night if necessary – just ask!
  3. Some venues are cheaper on a weekday than on a Saturday.
  4. You can find a meaningful date for your big day – perhaps on the anniversary of when you met or got engaged.
  5. Weekday weddings are bound to become fashionable for all these reasons – so, you will be ahead of the trend!

Outdoor alternatives

Humanist weddings don’t have to take place indoors! How about an outdoor wedding?

In light of the likelihood that COVID-19 will be around for some time, outdoor weddings give more opportunity for social distancing whilst gathering together in one place once restrictions are lifted but while people are still practising social distancing.

One of the beautiful things about humanist weddings is that they can take place absolutely anywhere – at the beach, on the moors, or in the woods. The possibilities are endless, so please don’t lose heart!

Promissory ceremony

On the day your humanist wedding was originally planned for, it is possible to mark the occasion with a pre-wedding celebration ceremony held via online video conferencing. Your Humanist Ceremonies celebrant can share your love story and give a little insight into the plans for your wedding – and its new date.

Speak to your humanist celebrant if you would like a pre-wedding celebration ceremony.

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Maria Thorne is based in Devon and delivers humanist wedding and naming ceremonies in the South West of England.

Humanist celebrant Maria Thorne

Humanist celebrant Maria Thorne

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Humanist celebrants conduct bespoke, non-religious, humanist weddings.

At Humanist Ceremonies™, there is a network of celebrants who are all trained to the same high standards to deliver personal, meaningful non-religious wedding ceremonies. If one celebrant is unable to deliver a ceremony due to illness, another accredited celebrant will step in to make sure that the wedding is delivered as planned. With an accredited Humanists UK celebrant, there is always that added safety net.

And, if you would like to update your wedding ceremony plans and script to reflect a change of date and venue, your celebrant will be happy to work with you on this.


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