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Why aren’t there any humanist schools?

Faced with the proliferation of faith-based schools this is a question that humanists often ask.

The primary answer is this:

  • Because Humanists UK campaigns positively for integrated inclusive schools for children of all faiths and none. It would be no less ethically unsound and socially divisive to set up overtly humanist schools in a pluralistic society than it is to set up religious schools.

And in addition:

  • Because many schools without a religious character more or less meet our ideal in their ethos and values. If collective worship was ended and RE became universally objective, fair and balanced (and included non-religious views such as Humanism), community schools would indeed be exactly what we would want a school to be – open and accommodating to all.

Religious faith is a private matter for families and communities, to be accommodated but not supported or favoured by the state and its schools. Humanists UK respects human rights and has no objection to optional worship or optional religious instruction.

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