Bring back the Assembly – and get to work!

Since the last election, we’ve had NO Assembly and NO government in Northern Ireland.

After the last election no party had a ‘veto’ on progressive issues like delivering abortion care, or reforming religion in schools… But it turns out they had a total veto on politics as a whole!

In the meantime, while we’ve languished without a government, important court cases have come along that say we need to put an end to the way religion is pushed on children in schools. But nothing can get done about it without a government!

And the promise to reform our schools – and move to a cheaper, better, less discriminatory single education system – can’t get anywhere without a government.

We can’t continue to suffer without a government or representation any more!

The economy is hurting, families are hurting, education is suffering, children’s rights are being neglected… and we’re all paying through the teeth for the privilege of it.

Today our society has never been more diverse, more progressive, less religious, or more hungry for social change. It’s just the politics that’s broken!

As humanists, are calling for a return to stable government and a return for the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Please, add your name to stand with us to tell the Northern Ireland Secretary:

‘Enough is enough. Come up with a solution to bring back the Assembly and get MLAs back to work!’