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Nicci Gerrard

Writer, journalist and Patron of Humanists UK

I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in goodness, community, common purposes, care, rationality, creativity, the importance of friends and of the kindness of strangers.

Nicci Gerrard was for many years on the staff of The Observer – as a literary editor, then a feature writer and executive editor. She covered the trials of Rosemary West, Harold Shipman and Ian Huntley, and also wrote numerous articles on the disadvantaged and under-represented people of Britain, such as prostitutes and children in care.


With her husband Sean French, under the name of Nicci French she writes best-selling psychological thrillers, and she also writes novels under her own name. She lives in Suffolk and has four children.

If you buy any of these Nicci French novels via this Amazon link, Humanists UK will get a small commission:
The Memory Game (1997)
The Safe House (1998)
Killing Me Softly (1999)
Beneath the Skin (2000)
The Red Room (2001)
Land of the Living (2002)
Secret Smile (2003)
Catch Me When I Fall (2005)
Losing You (2006)
Until It’s Over (2007)
What To Do When Someone Dies (2008)
Complicity (2009)

And if you buy these Nicci Gerrard  novels via this Amazon link, Humanists UK will get a small commission:
Things We Knew Were True (2004)
Solace (2005)
The Moment You Were Gone (2007)
The Winter House (2010)

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