Ariane Sherine

Ariane Sherine was made a patron of Humanists UK for her exploration of the human condition through the arts.


Ariane Sherine is a television comedy writer, journalist and the creator of the Atheist Bus Campaign.

She has written for television shows including My Family (BBC1) and Countdown (Channel 4) as well as CBBC and CITV. She writes regularly for The Guardian’s Comment & Debate section, and has also contributed to The IndependentThe Sunday TimesNew Statesman and the NME.

At the height of the Atheist Bus Campaign in January 2009 Ariane joined a small but prestigious list of non-religious people invited to present a "Thought For the Day" on BBC Radio 4 (though not in the contested Today programme slot).

Broadcast on the iPM programme on Saturday 10th January, Ariane Sherine said:

... As a world full of individuals we are never all going to think the same way.  What we can do is accept that we hold many different beliefs and focus instead on what unites us as human beings, because we are truly similar in so many ways.

... Many people think humanists and atheists don't believe in anything. This isn't true. We many not believe in a god, but like most believers we think we only have one life on this planet. Nobody knows for certain what happens after this, but we know that we only have a very short time to experience all the excitement, adventure, love, fun, humanity and kindness available to us. We're lucky to be alive and to live life to the full we need to share it with others and learn from them, whatever you or I believe.

Ariane Sherine was born in 1980 and lives in London.

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